Since our founding in 1979, Jubilee Kitchen has served residents of Pittsburgh, providing essential services to those living in poverty, experiencing or at risk of homelessness, are food insecure, and/or face other difficulties.

Who We Serve

Jubilee Kitchen helps every person who comes to us, no questions asked. Annually we work with 1,500+ unduplicated individuals including families, children/youth, seniors, homeless, unemployed/underemployed, and people with mental health conditions, drug dependency, and disabilities. About 50% experience homelessness and 50% live in poverty, experience food insecurity, and lack stable housing. Jubilee is the only organization in the area open 365 days per year, welcoming individuals and families.


Our Services

Jubilee Soup Kitchen

We are the only soup kitchen in the area open to everyone 365 days a year for breakfast, lunch, and takeout meals. Open from 7:00am – 1:00pm, the dining area doubles as a social engagement space for volunteers and staff to form close bonds with our guests, fostering a sense of belonging and building a community of respect and encouragement

Food Pantries

We operate two food pantries, one at our Hill District location and one in Polish Hill. We provide nutritious groceries to supplement the needs of those we serve. We provide households with groceries to maintain a balanced diet. Walk-ins are welcome and we deliver groceries to shut-ins twice per month.

Preventing Homelessness Program

Essential to combating homelessness is preventing it in the first place. That’s where our Homeless Prevention Program comes in. We deliver help before a temporary crisis becomes a permanent one. We provide one-time financial support to individuals for mortgage, rent and utility bill payments to prevent eviction. We assist with helping guests find temporary or permanent housing and also offer money management and other counseling services to help ensure long term housing stability.

Social Services

Jubilee’s regulars, as well as those new to us, rely on our social services. These services include access to bathrooms, showers, personal hygiene items, transportation assistance, and referrals to other like-mission agencies. We can help individuals to apply for SNAP and other government programs. Jubilee also serves as a mailing address and we help guests read their mail and respond when needed.

Job Corner

The Job Corner acts as a job board where people can find low-level skill, part-time, or seasonal work opportunities. We help with resume writing, interviewing skills, and job search training.

Clothing Room

The Clothing Room supplies clothing and undergarments for our guests. We have seasonally appropriate clothing and footwear for interviews, growing children, or general clothing needs. We distribute shoes/boots semiannually, as well as hats, coats, gloves and blankets to those in need.

John Heinz Child Development Center

Jubilee’s John Heinz Child Development Center, a 4-star center, provides high quality and affordable childcare to low-income families. The Center empowers children ages 12-months to five-years-old to succeed in school. We offer needs based tuition.

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Path to Self Sufficiency Program

Hope extends beyond addressing day-to-day needs. Real hope is a pathway to overcome life challenges and eventually achieve self-sufficiency. To provide this hope, Jubilee has implemented a comprehensive case management program to help those we serve address negative psychological impact of stress that living in poverty creates. We walk beside them on a path to achieving economic self-sufficiency. This program will help individuals set and achieve goals in five interrelated areas of family stability and housing, physical and mental wellbeing, financial management, education and training, and employment and career management.