Assisting those challenged by poverty, joblessness, or homelessness.

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What We Do

Jubilee Soup Kitchen started as a place where a person in need could get a hot meal every day.

We are proud to say that our services have expanded over the past 40+ years and now include a wide range of support programs including services for children, counseling and a food pantry.

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Renewing Hope, Rebuilding Lives

In 2024, Jubilee is embarking on an effort to upgrade our facilities and offerings.

Jubilee Kitchen is undertaking the first ever renovation and expansion of the building which has served our community for more than 44 years.

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Help Your Neighbors in Need

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Since 1979, volunteers have been integral to the mission of Jubilee Soup Kitchen and a vital part of the community that includes staff, guests, and other volunteers.


Ways to Give

Even the smallest donation can make a big difference. Help us gather the supplies we need to continue serving our Pittsburgh community.